DHVANI - Angustium [CD]


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Angustium is the name given by the ancient Romans to Uscio, a town in the Ligurian hinterland where the small alien community of the Dhvani lives and prospers. Although it may seem threatening and hostile to us, it is home, welcoming and luxuriant woods, starry nights and the space to create the Thirteenth Room, our headquarters.

This, which is DHVANIs first album, would like to be the story of the earth, and, in an ambitious project, the first chapter of a journey through their dimension, starting from the roots to arrive at the deep and unexplored space.

Band members

Fuzz (guitar, synth)
Carre (bass, mandala)
Leo (drums)
Willie Oteri (flute)

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Audio CD, jewel case, download code included

Recorded at LaTredicsimaStanza
Mastered by Greenfog Studio
Cover art by "The GiantsLab"

Released by PsyKA Records
Catalog No. PSYKA-013